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  • MASTER CHEM OIL is an independent international
    oil-trading Group of companies that started operations in 2001.

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  • MASTER CHEM OIL is trading a diversified range of energy products and also a wide spectrum of petrochemical products.

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  • MASTER CHEM OIL develops complex trading operations on multiple markets and assures that performance of its operations is at international standards.

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Master Chem Oil

About Us & History

MASTER CHEM OIL is an independent international oil-trading Group of companies that started operations in 2001 following the liberalization of the Romanian oil market. Currently, MCO develops international and domestic business though its four entities located in Malta (since 2007), Romania (since 2001), Switzerland (since 2009) and Singapore (2012).

The initial activity (realized by Master Chem Oil SRL – the first entity of the Group) was based on one side on the import in Romania of refined products in short demand on the local market and for which there was a substantial and sustainable demand that needed to be covered, and on the other side on exporting products out of Romanian producers and delivered on the international market. Presently, the Romanian entity represents the logistical, administrative and operational hub of the Group. In terms of trading, MCO SRL develops sales and marketing activities related to the distribution on the domestic market of imported commodities by Master Chem Oil Ltd. and stored in Oil Terminal Constanta, based on the logistics, personnel and experience related to this type of complex activity.

Master Chem Oil LTD, Malta was established in 2007 and it is currently the main booking center of the international commercial activity related to trading

Master Chem Oil LTD is the trading arm of the Group established in Malta in 2007 that represents currently the main booking center of all industrial chemical and petrochemical products (Petroleum products, Base organic chemicals, Macromolecular products, Base inorganic chemicals) traded on the international market, imports/exports in/out of Romania, as well as on cross-markets from Europa, Asia, Middle East and Gulf Area, etc.

The Swiss office is the location that consolidates at Group level the International Financial & Banking operations and coordination of all the activities (negotiation, completion, implementation, utilization and monitoring) related to the financing lines granted to the Group by leading European financing institutions.

Mission & Strategy

Our company uses the following key points in the day by day activity:

Consolidation of current position on the specific market of industrial chemicals and petrochemicals through competence, high quality of traded products and complementary trading services, strategic vision related to the international market trends and creativity in business;

Recognition of MCO name on the international trading market as vector of creditworthiness and highly professionalism

Maximizing the value of Company's trading business, continue the expansion to global market in a flexible but safe way, diversifying the portfolio of clients offering the same high standards of quality of MCO business and seeking for long-term partnerships;

Developing a selective and powerful trading company on the regional business environment (MED area) with lasting profitability and efficiency.

Opening to new markets, Middle East and Gulf Area, Asia, America.

Trading Activity
Volume of the trading activity registered by Master Chem Oil Ltd. in the latest four years registered an upward trend due to several factors: Favorable market conditions Efficient and cautious management oriented towards profitability under controllable and mitigated risk factors related to the oil business

Highly professional operational team

Support of the financing banks that endorsed company’s business more and more from one year to another as proof of the credibility and trustworthy in the business and performance of Master Chem Oil.

Consequently, the trade volume registered over 1 million tones in the period 2007 – 2010.

Volume evolution.

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